Lyudmila Ulitskaya

I read the book with great interest. The whole part devoted to the Armenian history is remarkably well written. It was very interesting for me, as a Jewish woman, who used to be well immersed in the history of the Jews, to single out numerous parallels.

The concept of survival, the global network – everything is clear to me. Unfortunately, various excursuses into the economy, with all their thoughtfulness, come into conflict with those thoughts that have occupied me lately. There is a remarkable English scientist Martin Rees, probably the greatest world expert on the processes that take place in the Universe as a whole, and on the Earth in particular, who strongly doubts that humanity will survive the 21st century. I can add to this that, as a geneticist in the past, I have been thinking for a long time about a new round of human evolution, which is no longer purely biological. In it, firstly, the selection follows the line that is called “talentism” in your book (it can be named otherwise as well), and, secondly, there is a fusion of the human and the computer that has already begun. This is evidenced by anyone who has a heart stimulant. There are many such people. And this is just the beginning. All this I write to the fact that your ideas regarding the revival of Armenia and the Armenian people may already get belated. The lid will be put on everyone at the same time – both the advanced and the most backward. 

Secondly, a new “subrace” – or I don’t know what the person whom I call “planetary” will be called – is actually being created right before our eyes today. These are the very best talents who receive education as a rule not where they were born, speak many languages, and choose a place of residence depending on the place of work they are interested in. Generally, they are alien to any national interests, little attached to the “hearths”, and at best come to visit their parents who speak Armenian, Yiddish, Russian, Spanish in the places where they were born. And this process is crucial. All national cultures are shrinking, becoming gradually the supplier of exhibits for museums, where the bast shoes, moccasins and sandals of the ancient Greeks are approximately equivalent. 

Culture itself has a tendency toward planetarization (this is not assimilation!) – I will not bring a large number of examples: “The Lion King” film, produced in 2019 with incredible skill and technical sophistication, was watched almost simultaneously by people in all the countries of the world where there is a cinema and computers... 

My grandchildren, who have recently come to visit me from London, are a little less than half Jewish, and also have a share of Russian, even noble blood, a little Finnish (Ingermanland) and a quarter of Ukrainian.

They speak English to each other. And this, I suppose, is the fate of our children, whose parents have three generations of university-educated ancestors behind them. I do not think that the children of our janitor Bayram, a Tajik, a man of ancient Oriental culture, will have the same chances as mine. Although I sincerely wish it to them. There is no justice in the world by the will of our Lord God, who with the help of remarkably invented cunning biological laws did not provide neither for justice, nor for equality. 

I sincerely wish you, the authors, that your efforts to turn Armenia into a modern hub-state be crowned with success. 


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