Karen Uzunian 
Co-founder, CSN Caucasus, Tbilisi, Georgia 

The authors of the discussion paper, esteemed Nune Alekyan and Ruben Vardanyan, put a “multi-line” heading on the cover of their work (some phrases of which are written in the motto style), which eloquently testifies to the very difficult task that the authors have set themselves when writing: 


1. How to Become a Global Network Nation. 

2. Integration of Diversity. 

3. At the Crossroads of History, Civilizations, Ideas. 

4. Think to Connect! Think to Create! Think to Act! 

5. Armenia Breakthrough to the Future. 

6. XXI Century – OUR Century. 

In the paper, in my opinion, in addition to several important topics, two main themes (under my conventional names) are exposed for discussion: 

1. The choice of the optimal Model for the Republic of Armenia and Diasporas (the Armenian nation) taking into account the long-term perspective. 

2. The Priority Values of the Armenian Nation (“discrepancies” over what is “Prospering Armenia”). 

In essence, the message of the paper is a challenge, call for search of the “Scenario” of the Project-Model-Development (of the Republic of Armenia, Diasporas and the whole nation) for the long run.  
After carefully reading the work, one clearly realizes: in general, the topic under consideration is very multidimensional, multi-layered and so complex (affects many aspects and nuances of everyday life of a multimillion nation) that writing a “Scenario” for the implementation of the project requires an incredibly weighted and balanced approach.  
The coming out of this undoubtedly original and thoughtfully-written work is not only incredibly useful and timely for the nation, but also very relevant. It is important for the country and the nation in order to continue to move forward in the political, economic, scientific, technical, cultural, educational and military directions in this (scientifically and technologically rapidly developing) global world to be organized and creative, with a creative approach (intuitively and logically) to grope and realize the key drivers in the economy, culture, science, medicine, technology that could become the driving forces capable of taking Armenia to a new level.  

- If you do not know where to sail to, no wind will be favorable. 

- The walker will overtake the rider if he knows where to go.  

The authors of this paper have been given my detailed written statement of my vision on this topic, which I entitled “The Republic of Armenia and the Diasporas – A Practical Recommendation”.  
I dare to hope that the paper under discussion will echo in the minds and souls of many who are not indifferent to this topic, and that more professional, creative and intellectual personalities than I will make their worthy contribution. For there is a number of problems that can be solved only collectively.  

The implementation of the selected, collectively-designed Model (with a verified systemic basis) is the key to success for fruitful communication and increasing the “circle of trust” among the Armenian people scattered throughout the world, for a “global network nation” with broad powers of ideas of inclusive activities and integration of diversity. 
I express my gratitude to Nune Alekyan and Ruben Vardanyan for writing a very informative and interesting manuscript – from that category of manuscripts which (borrowing a phrase from M. Bulgakov’s novel and translating it verbatim) “do not burn” (good writing will rise from the ashes and find its way to the reader). 


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