Hakob Mkhitaryan

This work is a symbiosis of history and risk management, but to a lesser extent – of proposals for collaboration aimed at reaching goals according to a certain plan. The paper is certainly very important and has every chance to serve as an offset for the formation of efforts. But it is precisely by this reason it seems to be more oriented towards scientific and analytical thinkers. However, this is what brings about appreciation and respect on the one hand, but also regret, anxiety and negative expectations on the other. I will not say futile, but concretely negative, because nothing is in vain. It just seems important to me that the goals are being achieved. Otherwise, it is likely to face opposition or the substitution of the setup.

The focus of the paper is to cause disputes and discussions within the diaspora, to call for development along a specific path, to foster and strengthen social responsibility and all that can be characterized as educational and enlightenment work, a preaching mission, a moral and ethical upbringing. Such an orientation is great and cannot be a subject of criticism in itself, unless it goes against the values. And the values indicated in the paper, for me personally do not even bring about any thoughts for dispute. Meantime, it is very correct that the authors show their own projects, so that readers understand, respect, want something similar, copy, follow that path, or simply are proud and happy for their compatriots.

But I’m not at all sure that by the means described in the discussion paper “At the Crossroads”, we will be able to achieve a change in the society, all the more so – a national reinforcement.

It seems to me that a society, even a democratic one, needs to be headed and led. Or, there needs to be determined a reasonable clear trajectory of movement to the light, without risks. By causing disputes, we are raising a wave of various uncontrollable events (reasoning, exchange of opinions, actions, inaction), positive and negative. But as long as the desired is unacceptable for one reason or another for certain economic and political circles inside or outside the country, such discussions will cause complex measures or preventive programs as counteraction. Something disadvantageous for someone was and will be a reason to be afraid of failure, to avoid changes, or simply to put obstacles unreasonably.

For this reason, I would prefer not to engage in mass discussions, but to think over developing a strategy in a narrower circle; create a society of like-minded people, develop a program, protection mechanisms, define actions, write down the functionality and implement it – in general, take the leadership and implement the goal and the dream of many. And to do it in a completely positive and open format.

I believe it is important in this case to rely on the society layer with secondary education and possession of own business. There are many such people, and their life culture is more creative, I think. They are ready to work pragmatically for the benefit of their nation. But they need a platform, system, management, clear and permanent rules of an open operation.

Of course, the basis for the long-term strategy developed as a result should and will be the values described in the paper – the pillars of national identity, invariable realia that do not change with the change of power, persons and circumstances.

Such kind of a strategy, written several decades in advance, will be the foundation for normative changes – the creation of a constitutional control body, the introduction of publicly controlled elections. Further, if there is a special institution that has the sole authority to evaluate the legislative acts for compliance with the national goal. The rest of our authorities and administration will implement their functions and duties in a completely normal mode, preparing the government’s programs for a shorter period of time, with clear, defined tasks for the given timeframe. 

If this isn’t done, we will not get a stability, continuity, we will also not be able to create a long-term system of upbringing and education, consider industrial growth, be ourselves and have a strong statehood. At best, even if the risks described in the paper do not come into reality, we will go with the flow in the most extreme ranks. In other words, if the government, the president, the authorities as a whole do not build their programs and action plans in relation to a very long-term strategy defended by the people, then from time to time we will at best vote and be upset that nothing works out again. In the modern world, to stand still, you need to run. These are not my words, but I would like to add to them that every day the speed of running should increase, sometimes even at times. This is today’s reality. There mustn’t be created a program for 5-6 years for the country, to look for reasons for non-compliance justification at the end of the term, and not for adjustments and changes, continuation and succession of the actions.

To sum up, I would like to express an opinion that it is precisely in the absence of concrete action plans and non-formation of the movement of like-minded people, that lies the ineffectiveness of the current strategy and the previous one, “Armenia-2020”, referred to in the third chapter of the discussion paper. Thus, I repeat: even if the power is now different than what used to be, it is also quite possible to expect direct rash counteraction from it. It is capable of fearing encroachment on its “independence”. And if so, then alas, we will deal with human destructiveness and the absence of an important factor for dialogue – minimal trust in the sincerity and rationality of the opponent.

In conclusion I will say: Thank you so much! It is fascinating – both the reading and thinking process, to which it pushes. I will definitely pass on the work to other people to read.


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