Gor Nakhapetyan
Honorary Professor, Moscow School of Management SKOLKOVO

“At the Crossroads” helps to structure your own thoughts and generates insights. The key insight for me is the concept of the interpreter nation – a mediator. At one time in Armenian history, our nation already had this role: in different countries we were united by a trade network, while the Church and our mother tongue delivered a stable communication channel.

In the modern world, where we come across fake news and non-constructive communications all the time – all this leading to uncertainty and the accumulation of stress – the skill of interpreting and conveying meanings becomes in high demand. 

Today, we have a unique advantage being a nation, which can translate from different languages – from the language of art into the language of business, from the language of love into the language of poetry and so on – and serve as a bridge between nations. However, we are still to learn how to become such a full-fledged interpreter nation. The discussion paper “At the Crossroads”, which is an invitation to a discussion, encourages such approach. I am sure that a nation that understands others and can communicate efficiently transfering meanings across generations and borders will definitely become a center of attraction.


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