Dr. Ingrid Hamm
Ingrid Hamm Consultants GmbH, Germany

Let me share some thoughts I developed while reading “At the Crossroads”. I carefully read through the chapters 3–5 to grasp the most of your concept of developing Armenia and flipped through the first two chapters. Indeed, I learned a lot and would like to congratulate the authors for their thoughtful analyses and smart blueprint of a promising future for Armenians. 

I especially like the idea of Armenia becoming a hub and a global network nation. The discussion of possible models for this development in the book, namely those of Singapore, South Korea, and in some specific aspects dealing with persecution and modern-day diaspora also Israel, is very enlightening. 

Especially productive and fruitful scenarios and roadmaps appeared in the paper when the preconditions brought about by the situation in Armenia, its history and people are considered and later combined with the demands of the trends in global change. This holistic approach is unique, and I would like other authors to join you in dealing with their countries and nations in the same rigorous, analytical way, driven by the vision of change for a better future. 

I would like to especially underline the idea of talentism as the capital of the future, and as the concept of an inclusive ecosystem when developing the economy, but also the nation. The crucial insight to consider is that only an investment and not a transfer of alimentation leads to development. However, in the meantime, sustainable innovative investments need time to evolve. 

I do realize that the authors build on the diaspora as the driving force in developing Armenia and that this diaspora is the main target group of the discussion paper.

I hope the book will become a cornerstone for a worldwide discussion among Armenians around the world on why and how they will contribute to the development that clearly has to be led by the private sector and followed by the political partners when innovation and creativity are needed the most. 

Nevertheless, besides the core target group, “At the Crossroads” could become a precious document of what we should discuss when thinking of development in a globalized world, where cities may take the role of national governments and where we all have to constantly act globally and locally at the same time. 

I am a true admirer of the paper. Yet, there are two aspects the authors should keep in mind and include in the holistic picture in the future. One aspect is the question of how to create and sustain the needed political will, since all the mentioned models of Singapore, South Korea, Israel had been created and led by leaders with a real political will. 

The other aspect is peace. In the long run, a nation needs peace to flourish. Even the leaders of both Koreas are thinking of reconciliation and Singapore managed to get along with Malaysia. The Israeli situation is apparently different. In my opinion, the idea of becoming a hub requires sustainable peace in Armenia.  


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