Annie Demirjian
Director, Glendon School of Public and International Affairs, York University, Toronto, Canada

I read the document with great interest and made extensive notes – from academic and diaspora perspective who has worked, on and off in Armenia, the past ten years.

I would like to congratulate the authors for initiating this badly needed and gargantuan research paper that addresses many questions, answers, reflections, while providing factual, thoughtful analysis and recommendation for the future of Armenia and Armenians.

The document is well researched (chapters 1-5), methodically presented, provides thoughtful analysis (chapters 2 and 3), excellent practical and original thinking (chapter 4) and recommendations (chapter 5) to build the Armenia which all of us, diaspora and nationals, will be proud to call home.

Perhaps, this is the only document that I have read that didn’t deal with the issue of the Armenian Genocide – and that is totally my fault. This document captured my attention and provided me a better understanding of our history, but I found most interesting where We stand now and where We are going as a people and a nation.

The authors are the experts and investors in Armenia and I really cannot intelligently comment on their clear analysis and direction. I know Armenia having worked and lectured there on and off but that doesn’t make me a knowledgeable person. I worked at the highest public offices on corruption, public management and institutional development. Your reports highlight the challenges of Armenian institutions.

But allow me to make few suggestions.

  • The report can benefit from an Executive Summary with focus on Our Vision of the Future. Most professionals are busy and won’t do justice to your excellent work. And late feedback will not serve your purposes. Short, focused feedback will still engage dialogue and discussion among your key audience.
  • I teach a course on ‘Why Nations Fail’ and I am familiar with the definition of ‘extractive’ institutions and industries. I wonder if most people get it. Some additional paragraphs on the definition/explanation of ‘extractive’ is welcome. 
  • The report can also benefit from research on the strengths and weaknesses of Armenian institutions, private, public and other as well as capacity of human capital.

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