Norair Tevanyan
Chairman, Armenian Community of Moscow

In the discussion paper “At the Crossroads”, the past, present and future of the whole Armenian nation are intertwined together. It is a storehouse of wisdom for the Armenian youth that will serve as an inspiration for the new generations. As far as the prosperous development of the Armenian state is concerned, the authors take responsibility for it. I am not afraid to make a mistake by predicting that this work will cause the most intense interest. 

The paper contains an almost complete chronicle of the Armenian people; it is filled with indisputable facts and moral principles. Ruben Vardanyan and Nune Alekyan have combined history and economics in one work in order to find the best development vector for our country, taking into account the experience of the past. They warn us that one of the worst consequences of the wrong policies of the government and diaspora leaders is the assimilation of our ancient biblical people, which entails irreversible changes to its integrity and its national state. After all, it is precisely thanks to their moral and ethical values that Armenians have survived for centuries, have not assimilated and not lost themselves despite, to put it mildly, the difficult history that they had to go through. 

The very fact of the emergence of such a book makes one wonder how badly our state needs reanimation. Fortunately, it is not too late to direct our history in the correct vector yet. The authors sometimes just marvel with their patriotism and firm confidence. This work can be safely called a guiding star because it is in it that the authors present us their worthy in all respects development path I support. I am sure it will unite the Armenian people to overcome internal and external obstacles and lead Armenia to a bright future. 

From the bottom of my heart, I am thankful to Ruben Vardanyan and Nune Alekyan for the great and so much necessary work they have done. 


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