Hrachya Arzumanian
Doctor of Political Science, Doctor of Technical Science, expert on military and national security issues

The work done by the team of authors deserves great admiration. Moreover, as of today, this is the only elaborated project I know of that considers Armenia and the Armenians’ civilizational models of development as a global phenomenon.

Putting aside positive assessments, of which I am sure there will be in plenty, I would like to offer a couple of comments.

The authors of the book reasoning the need for an integrated approach to assessment of the current status, in addition to the future of the Armenian statehood and the people, deliberately exclude from consideration the challenges associated with any war. Consequently, the resulting models of development turn out to be purely theoretical, since the world has clearly entered the era where war, understanding of its notion and its interpretation determine the specificity of the emerging global world. The 21st century again is the world of Heraclitus, where “war is the father and king of all things.”

What has been said is pertinent regarding Armenia and the Armenian people, since the need to prepare a response to existential military threats will guide the development of Armenian statehood. Consequently, a meaningful discussion on the future of Armenia should include consideration of the challenges associated with military and national security of the Armenian people. The models of Armenian development proposed in “At the Crossroads” are feasible provided they are based on the “Fortress Armenia” metaphor, which describes the secure environment of the Armenian statehood most accurately. Sustainable development of Armenia in the 21st century is possible, in my profound conviction, precisely within and around such a fortress.

Supposedly, it might be worthwhile if the authors would consider a notion that has recently come into use and start discussing hybrid development models for Armenia. Armenian development models should, apart from all other parameters, include components of military and national security system, as  parameters of a special status.

I would like to mention something else. Designing the future of Armenia and the Armenian people requires the creation, on the platform of Armenian statehood, of the environment enabling professionals to conceive and design civilizational models. Creation of such an environment is undoubtedly a difficult and ambitious task. However, a breakthrough into the future must be carefully prepared and thought through in advance, since after the Mets Yeghern the Armenian people do not have a right for yet another catastrophe. Purposeful efforts are needed for such environment to germinate in Armenia in course of time. Unfortunately, the potential of the Armenian statehood is currently limited, while creation of conditions for such an environment to emerge should be considered as a duty and obligation of the Armenian world as a global phenomenon, which is able to concentrate the necessary experience and knowledge within and for Armenia.

Thus, giving credit to the authors for their strivings and work done, it would be advantageous, to consider the book as the first iteration and to start thinking of preparing a new edition. Perhaps even considering a new book would be reasonable.


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