Dr. Hayk Kotanjyan 
Professor of Political Science, Retired Lieutenant General, Founder of the National Defense Research University of the Ministry of Defense of Armenia, Full Member of the Academy of Military Sciences of Russia, Honorary President of the Political Science Association of Armenia 

I read the paper with great interest and even re-read its initial chapters, presenting the views of the authors on the dynamics of the life activity of the Armenians until the end of the 19th and in the 20th centuries. In my opinion, it will be extremely valuable to convey this information to the young generation both in Armenia, and in the diaspora, facing the challenges of globalization and the possibilities of preserving national identity.

The advantage of the text is that, despite the consideration of the distant and relatively close past, its narrativity does not disturb – it is an attempt to understand the approaches to the modern problems of the Armenians through interdisciplinarity and consistency. 
In the third chapter, the authors were able to convincingly substantiate the reality of the threats that stand indeed before the Armenian people: the depopulation of Armenia; the loss of national statehood; the disappearance of our nation as a result of assimilation.  
The reason for this all is seen in the extractivity of the model of the power structure and the absence of programs to promote an inclusive-institutional reorganization of the state and society as a whole, based on the systemic dissemination of real democracy. It is an extremely important thesis that if the extractivity of the institutions of power is prolonged under any banner, the country will remain an object of international politics, deprived of grounds for the reciprocal development of the national state and the diaspora.  
The best example here, in my opinion, is an effective dynamic system of reciprocal development of the State of Israel on the land of Zion and the diaspora on the scale of world Jewry, which I can judge based on the results of my six official trips to Israel. In this regard, it is important to take into account the specifics of the Israeli Knesset as a scrupulously modified model of the main fruit of the British Glorious Revolution – the parliament – carefully adapted to the strategic interests of the inclusive development and security of the State of Israel and society as a whole. 
A good supporting illustration of the ineffectiveness of the change of power while preserving the extractive nature of its model is the international plot about a hero transformed into a dragon, which he defeated. The wisdom of the parable and the fundamental importance of your conclusion is in the victory over the dragon in oneself. 
I believe, it is advisable in the text to turn to a real assessment of the program focus of the declared transit of power in Armenia from the point of view of the guaranteed overcoming of the reproduction of the extractive system and the exclusion of the manipulative use of network mobilization of the masses to impose a modified extractivity of the new authorities on them. 
Summing up, I would like to say that this is a wonderful work, orienting the best sons and daughters of Armenians to a professionally responsible comprehension of the future of our nation with a clearer strategy of inclusive management of the Armenian state and society, development of program-targeted anchor projects that unite the Armenian people in all of its diaspora-sub-ethnic, geostratic, economic and network diversity for the breakthrough development and security in the face of the ruthless challenges and great opportunities offered by here and now to our national state and the diaspora. 


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