Hasmik Manukyan 
Head of Pan-Armenian programs department, Office of the High Commissioner for Diaspora affairs of the Prime Minister’s Office of the Republic of Armenia 

The authors of “At the Crossroads” open a public discussion on some crucial issues concerning the future of Armenia and Armenians.

The questions raised by the discussion are of vital importance to all Armenians; especially the following ones: 

- How to determine nationality today, of what elements does it consist? 
- Is there an idea of the “Armenian world”, and if so, what is the meaning of that idea? 
- What is a “networked nation” in the 21st century (as per authors description of the Armenians’ possible way of existence)? 
- How to make Armenia a center for the interests of the “global” nation? 
- How to turn Armenia into a prosperous country? 
- How do we want to see Armenia and the Armenian nation in the modern world?  
The attempt to call for such a public discussion itself is very welcoming.  
In this respect, the content of the book was conventionally divided into two parts: undoubtedly acceptable and textbook truths  (which, unfortunately, are not yet an element of the everyday thinking of an Armenian), and disputable claims. 

If the notion of “Armenian collective mind” exists, then the development of the proposed discourse and the participation of as many people as possible will guide the development of that collective thought and its implementation. 

This process is also a welcome experience in the formation of civil society and a civic initiative to influence the decisions of government officials. And if "the truth is born in disputes", then the public debate over the book may also give birth to the truths that concern us Armenians. 


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