Oleg Gabrielyan
Dean of the Faculty of Philosophy at the Vernadsky Federal University of Crimea, Doctor of Philosophy, Professor at the Department of Philosophy, Fulbright Professor

Firstly, I am unaware of any other similar work that provides not only a systematic analysis of the current state of problems in Armenia and Artsakh, but also proposes a way to solve them. Secondly, I would like to note the project that is open to discussion of the future of Armenia and Artsakh, as well as concrete steps towards this goal.

It should be particularly noted that the author himself proved that his theorizing (in a good sense of the word) is the basis of his practical and successful actions, so I am ready to participate both in the discussion of the problems stated in the concept article and in the practical steps toward implementing it. My thoughts on this subject can be found in the article "Spurgeon's Strategy: Sense of Existence and Development Prospects" (available in Russian). It touches more on the problems of the Diaspora, as this is the sphere in which I have experience in practical work and research. I hope the ideas expressed in the article will be helpful for our joint work. In my time, during the hard and troubled times of the 44-day war, I tried to convey to Ruben Vardanyan the idea of the need to be more actively involved in the situation in Armenia and Artsakh. I am glad that at present, while remaining a public figure, he still recognizes the need to be more actively involved in the political life of Armenia. This is extremely important, as there is a focal point of consolidation for all-Armenian forces, and Ruben is its worthy leader.


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