Discussion framework

It is not easy to choose this path. It would be an oversimplification to divide development models into ‘good’ and ‘bad.’ It is more correct to speak of this or that model being optimal for a specific country and nation, of this or that being best able to provide prosperity, security, and the preservation of identity. 
For a constructive discussion of the most realistic development models for Armenia, we suggest considering them in terms of the main advantages and risks, critical success factors and other relevant issues. The development models proposed for consideration will, in turn, influence the positioning of Armenia in the world, determine the place and role of Armenians in the 21st century. Of course, the nature of relations between Armenia and the Armenian diaspora will be different depending on the model under discussion.




Periphery to Metropole


Main Benefits Preservation of (static) National Identity Short and mid-term Security and Stability Long Term Prosperity
Main Risks Security / Prosperity Identity /Prosperity Identity / Security
Key Required Resources
  • External resources to support the economy & infrastructure
  • External resources to ensure defence capabilities
  • Control over positions of value to the Metropol to ensure favourable trade-offs
  • Capability to influence the Metropol
  • Top notch public administration and infrastructure
  • Stable social contract
  • Superb defence capabilities
Key Questions for each Model
  • Who will guarantee security?
  • Who will support the model financially?
  • How to ensure demographic stability?
  • Which Metropol to choose? And could there be an exit strategy?
  • How to retain control over key positions for trade-offs
  • How to influence the Metropol?
  • How to rapidly create top-notch public sector?
  • What should be the optional social contract to ensure stability?
  • How to choose and incubate globally competitive industries?
  • How to rapidly obtain and maintain superb defence capabilities?
  • Which alliances to join?
Modus operandi Survival and preservation Survival and development along with Metropol Economic and social leap forward constantly balancing risks and benefits



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