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The 21st century can become an era of prosperity for Armenia and the Armenians, if we manage to pave the way for unification of the fragmented nation and for revitalization of the principle of a global network, with a strong sovereign center of a new type. We call on you to jointly reflect on present-day challenges, to look for far-reaching solutions and to implement them by joining forces in creative activities. Under the new conditions of systemic chaos, an anchor is provided by networking between people who trust each other, who do not have tunnel vision and who recognize that prosperity cannot be achieved in isolation from one another or from the world. Networking is a cross-border phenomenon, and we would like to bring together people who are prepared to think and act beyond geographical barriers and outside rigid territorial boundaries. We suggest several ways you could join discussions about our future.

Discussion rules

Please find below several rules for holding discussions, both online and offline . Compliance with these rules would help all participants to turn the debate into a substantive, meaningful and, most importantly, productive dialogue.

Discussion framework

Description of the development models

Online Events

We invite you to join on- and off-line events at Futures Studio on Baghramyan 6 in Yerevan.

Online Facebook

Social networks and interaction platforms

Offline Questionnaire

We invite you to participate in the survey


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